Windfall Farm, Inc has a beautiful all-weather 315' x 120' outdoor arena with some of the best footing in Northern California. We are able to ride and school our horses year-round in a fabulous setting. Our arena includes a full course of top quality jumps including liver pool, open water, gates, panels and solid jumps for our students.


A 4-horse European Equicisor with all-weather footing is included in our training program. The Equicisor is a great tool for promoting fitness and bringing back lay-ups. Ours is located next to our arena so we can manage what the horses are up to as they work.


Windfall horses get out of their stalls a lot! We offer 5 large turn-out paddocks with no climb wire fencing for safety. Our paddocks are 60' x 150'. Our great all-weather footing means your horse can get turned out even after the rain. We have 2 new large grass paddocks that will be added this year for horses to do what horses like to do.


Getting you horse ready for a lesson is never a problem with our roomy well lit groom stalls. We offer full grooming service for those who need the help or you can groom your own horse. Saddles and bridles are in a clean secure tack-room for your convenience. Our wash rack has hot and cold running water with rubber mats.


Our stalls are all 12'x12' rubber matted with windows in the back and open fronts for good airflow. The stall doors are heavy steel gates, some with open yoke fronts and some closed. Each stall has a corner feeder and automatic waterer. The aisle has a cement skirt for your tack-box with a compacted dirt center for horse safety. Stalls are cleaned 7 days per week and the horses are fed 3 times per day.