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Pebble Beach was a great show.

Everyone rode top notch! A big thank you to Jason and Jenna for their great cooking at Ian's Birthday Party Saturday night. Jenny Williams "parallel' party was super witht he BBQed oysters and clam chowder.

Our next show will be Pickwick in April and there is a slight schedule chage coming up with the Woosdie show. Entries are due right away so check the date on the updated show schedule. We are doing the 2nd one April 30-May 3.

Our First Blog post!


Hi There Everybody. Look through the site and check out all the new things going on at Windfall Farm. We are going to have the same family atmosphere with a focus on competitive horses and riders, quality horsemanship and lots of fun. Please look at the show schedule as there have been a few date changes to make Carol Wright's schedule and ours more compatible. Use this Blog to find out about latest news and Announcements. Thank you to all of my supporters and Windfall Family your words and good wishes mean more to me than you all will ever know. Now...on to a new beginning!


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