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Richard Spooner Clinic


Richard Spooner will be giving a clinic November 21-22.
We are encouraging everyone to participate, as this will
be a fantastic learning opportunity. Don't miss your chance
to ride with the master of faster. There is limited space available
to riders from outside of Windfall, if interested please contact Gry.

Show schedule BBQ

Pebble Beach Classic 031.jpg

Hey everyone! We are having a BBQ on Saturday, September 19, to discuss next year's show schedule. Due to Pebble not happening next summer, many ideas have been brought up and as a group it would be great to get a consensus of where everyone would like to go. The BBQ will be at the barn at the end of lessons. Also, we have decided to get a barn hunt coat. If you have any suggestions or ideas about what it should look like, please talk to Molly. Hope to see everyone next Saturday!

Welcome Greg Parella and Camp VII

Norcal Finals 108.jpg

Welcome to Greg and "Trompo." Greg is a freshman at Sacramento State studying to be an engineer. "Trompo" is a 5 year old gelding who has been competing with Greg in the Children's Jumpers. Partnered for only a few months we look forward to seeing them grow as a team. Welcome to the barn!

Young Jumper Championships

The Young Jumper Championships start Tuesday August 26. Quijano and Morgan will be competing in the 5 Year Old Finals, which has eleven horses in it. Cicero Z and Carol Wright will be showing in the 6 Year Old Finals, with 23 in it. Windfall wishes both horses and riders best of luck through the competition!

Pebble Beach Classics

pebble horse show july 002.jpg

Congratulations to everyone on a successful two weeks. Though the sun didn't come out our riders definately shined.
Comena and Katherine: Circuit Champion Amateur Modified Jumpers, Champion week 2 and Reserve Champion week 3
Excalibur and Mary: Champion 36 and Over Equitation week 3. Congraulations on a great start with your new horse and welcome back to the barn!
Whiskey Girl and Katherine: 9th place $10,000 Pebble Beach Jumping Derby week 3
Cicero Z and Carol Wright: Champion 6 year old Jumpers week 3 Good luck at the YJC finals!
Cicero Z and Jenna Hahn: Consistent ribbons in the Adult Amateur
Canberra, Branigan and Lesley: Consistent placings in the Amateur Modifieds both weeks
Paladin and Chris: Consistent placings in the Adult Amateur jumper both weeks
Fortuna and Ian: 2nd Place Children's Jumper Stake week 3, 5th place Children's Jumper Classic week 2
Tuscany and Kris: 2nd place Pre-Adult Hunter Classic. Welcome back to the show ring.
Saint Sebastian and Mike: Reserve Champion 1m Jumpers and Reserve Champion Low AA Jumpers week 2
Quijano and Morgan: Champion 5 year old Jumpers week 3
Congraulations to all our clients and horses on a great show:
Zinclair and Sarah, Lady Luck and Linda, Along Came Polly and Carrington, Winslow and Lindsay, and Lupo and Morgan
A special congratulations to Carol Wright and Angel: 3rd Place $10,000 Pebble Beach Jumping Derby week 3

Spruce Meadows Update

Spruce Meadows 024.jpg

Ian and Fortuna started out with a clean round on day one, setting them up for the team competition. The only clean round for their team 1.10m Norcal's Ian and His 3 Chicks left them out of the money. We are so proud of Ian!
Jason and Copenhagen have rocked the last few shows. Representing, he was clean on the first day and solid. Jason and Ildiko were on the same team, and he led the way with a clean round.
Ildiko and Just Girl were leading the first 1.10m class for most of the class until getting bumped just out of the ribbons. Continuing their clean streak, the were quick and clear in the team competition, though the rest of the team didn't keep up.
Katherine and Comena participated on the Norcal 1.20m team, and not only produced a clean first round, she was fast and clear in the second! Overall the team placed third. Congratulations!
Whiskey Girl and Katherine had planned on doing the 1.20m Skyliner week, but after several successful shows moved into the 1.30m instead. Though new to the division, the ladies handled themselves great and placed 5th overall in the team competition and had a four fault round!
An unexpected turn of events made Morgan's decision to bring Quijano to spruce for his 1.10m debut. Completing his first round in fine fashion, watch out for these two.

Look Out Windfall Riders...I just built a great course for this week!

Its time to get ready for Spruce Meadows...just 2 weeks left to practice!

Pickwick Summer Classic

6-4-2009 9;02;47 AM.jpg

Well, the weather was terrific and we had another great show.
Carol rode everyone great!
Catherine and Whiskey Girl aka. Tess were Champion in the Jr/Ao Jumpers.
Catherine was also Champion on her other mare Comena in the JrAm Modified Jumpers.
Apple was a double winner. Champion with Carol in the Modified Hunters and R. Champion with Marjorie in the Children's Hunters.
She even won the Handy!
Ildilko and her mare Just Girl were fabulous in the Modified and the AA Jumper Stake. Sove jumped the best ever and stepped up to the 1.20m.
Lesley Fildes and Cami were a consistant threat for their compeitors in the Modified and the AA Jumpers.
Lesley also showed Courtney Brooks' horse Branigan for the first time and rode him very well. They are going to be a great team.
Carol qualified Cicero Z for the 6 yr. old Young Jumper Championships at this show and Jenna rode him in the AA's with good solid placings.
Natalie and Maderia did not get to show much as Natalie was sick. She toughed it out though and came and rode very well in the Stake on Sunday.
Jason came and rode on the weekend and is getting his ride back on Copenhagen.
Morgan rode Eezy were in the Thursday Grand Prix and the AO's one day and rode the nice mare of Lumpie's, Nallenger in the Lv 5's.
Mike and Linda joined us for Sunday and it was great to see them at a show after so long.

Golden State Horse Show

6-4-2009 3;41;36 PM.JPG

What a great week in Sacramento we had! Our riders were super!
Jenna and Cicero were 3rd in the AA Classic and Ian and Fortuna were 5th in the Childrens Classic.
Eezy and Morgan finished in the money with a 4 fault round in the $30,000 Jennifer Maroborough Grand Prix. Morgan rode great and Eezy just loves her! Mrs Cheatham even showed up to cheer them on...
The young horses Quin with Morgan and Zinney with Sarah loved the new arena at the show and finished with more great miles under their belts.
Our new team of Tess and Katherine rocked in the Low AO's with strong showings and a win one day. This is going to be a team to watch. Katherine also won on her wonderful mare Comena in the Modified Jumpers (they are always a threat...)
Ildiko and her mare Just Girl stepped up to the 1.20 m and the Jr Am Modified Division. They were 2nd one day and had very solid rounds all week.
Lindsay Costigan made her comeback tour with Winslow in the AO Hunters and is now ready to tackle the jumpers ring (no more braiding bills for her). Chris Davis and Paladin did the AA Jumpers and were very consitant after a long time of not showing.
Jason was there with us with his horse Rocky and is still working thru some troubles but keeping a great attitude and will show with us next week. He is such a great part of our group. We all love him.
Marjorie made her debute show with Apple (after getting rained out at the last show) and was terrific. She had solid rounds in the hunters and is going to be a threat on Apple down the road. Apple looks wonderful and was her ever happy face on at the show.
This was a great show for our Spruce Meadows Team to get ready for that venue. Rudy knows how to host a horse show. Northern Califonia is better for all of his efforts. Thank you Rudy, Nancy, Ann and all of your team for a great week.

Congratualtions to Katherine Civian!


Heads Up Everyone...Katherine and Tess aka. Whiskey Girl are a new team!
Congratulations to Katherine on the purchase of Tess.
What a great match - look out for them to be smokin' hot in the jumper ring.

We are off to the Golden State Horse Show this week. The weather promises us it will be nice...
Rudy Leone's facility looks awsome and the new Jumper ring he has added has great footing and tons of room for everyone.
With the addition of a new ring the days should run earlier and we should have a great week of horse-showing.

Come visit us and see Team Windfall compete!


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