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Spruce Meadows


We are home from 2 weeks of Great Horse Showing in Spruce Meadows.
Five Windfall Horses went and we all had a gret time.
Fortuna and Ian McFarlane
Winslow and Katherine Civian
Tarina and Kathryn Pennal
Poparazzi and Kelly Taylor
Copenhagen and Jason Quilici...
Spruce meadows is by far the best place in North America to show.
I was the Chef for the Nor Cal 1.10m Team and all of our riders were on various teams for the Skyliner nations Cup Competition.

Welcome Party on Sunday!!!

Hey case you have not heard we are having a welcome party for Allison on this upcoming Sunday the 23rd of May. It will be a potluck under the giant maple trees overlooking our arena and will probably start around 12:30 in the afternoon. Everyone is welcome. If you cannot sign the food list just drop us a message and I will add you to the list.

Attention-we have added a show to our schedule!

Allison will be taking a group of our riders to the Sonoma Park Classic show on June 16-20 while Gry is at Spruce Meadows with the jumpers qualified for the Nor Cal Team events. Check with Gry or Allison if you would like to attend. May 25th is the closing date of the show.

Woodside Spring Classic


We had a very good week at Woodside. This was our first show with Allison and she fits in perfectly!
Not only does Allison ride GREAT but she is also a person with terrific energy surrounding her.
The horses love her and she is a top-notch professional . Following are some of the highlights.
Dutch and Alex 2nd in the JrAm Hunter Classic/Res Chmp Mod Hunters
Fortuna and Ian R. Chmp Childrens Jumpers and 2nd in the Childs/AA CLassic-Thank you Simone.
Zinclair and Sarah unbelieveable improvement from a year ago! This is going to be a HOT TEAM!
Branigan and Lesle consitant ribbons all week w/ a 2nd in the Modified Jumper Stake
Canberra and Leslie finished very well.
Katherine and Winslow are getting better and better and looking forward to Spruce!
Apple and Marjorie...for class,when things just did not go her way due to no fault of her own but she kept her great smile.

Welcome Allison Kroff!

Allison made it up here from Arizona this week. She is a great rider and is going to be a huge asset for our horses and riders here at Windfall Farm. Check out her web site at to see what she has done. Look for her at the shows here on the west coast.

Welcome to Amy Drake!

Windfall Farm is happy to welcome Amy Drake to our group.
Amy has a wonderful young hunter named Dress Code aka. Joey.
We all look forward to having her as part of our group at the upcoming shows!

Capitol City Classic


Whew two weeks back to back of horse shows...we don't do that too often.
Another great show at Rudy's beautiful facility this time hosted by Adrian Ward.
Here are some of our highlights:
Marjorie and Apple - consistant primary color placings in the Modified Hunters and the Junior Hunters.
Lesley and Branigan - again overcoming her fear of grass speeds to a 4th place in the Modified Classic. Way to Go!
Kelly and Poparrazzi - solid rounds in the Childrens and hopefully Spruce Bound.
Jason and Rocky - Spruce Meadows 1.20m Team Members!
Ian and Fortuna - Spruce Meadows 1.10m Team Memebers!
Katherine and Tarina - Spruce Meadows 1.10m Team Members!
Mary and Macho - excellant equitation rounds with major primary color ribbons. Carol and Macho rocked in the Hunter Derby.
Katherine and Gaston were 1st, 2nd or 3rd in every single class they went in. WOW what a team!
Katherine and her new horse Winslow (he's for sale) - 1st JrAm Mod Jumpers and then went out on the big field and were 3rd and 4th in the Low Ao Jumpers. Definitely Spruce Meadows Bound!
Finally, Sarah and Zinny - again in the AA Jumpers and first time on the grass. This is going to be a team to watch. They have come so far in a year from Pebble Beach and the .95's.
Goodby Erik...we all enjoyed your company for the week.

Brookside Classic

The Spring Brookside Show was a great event. Everyone loves to show at the Brookside Equestrian Park Facility. Once again Bill Madden and Peter Newell have been working hard to make the fcility better for everyone. New footing in the rings went a long way towards helping after the previous week of downpours. Robin Felix and her young horse Cowboy were stars their first time out in years. Cowboy was born to be a show horse. He was a super start his first time out. Alex and her fancy horse Dutch were very competitve in the Junior Hunters. Team Polk - that would be Linda and Mike- continued on their winning ways in the AA Jumpers on St. Sebastian and Lady Luck. Kelly Taylor and Poparrazzi were Champions in the Childrens Jumpers. Sara and Zinclair did the AA Jumpers for the first time in the big ring and were just terrific. And Ian and Fortuna were very good in the Childrens and were 2nd in the Classic.
We will be back at Brookside that's for sure.

Northern Winter Classic - MEC

Windfall Riders and Horses spent last weekend at the Murieta Equestrian Center at the new show that Tim Postel is managing. The weather started out very wet but we were all fine with the large tents and great footing.
Ian and the wonderful mare Fortuna won the Children's Stake on Sunday he also showed his little mare Down Pat and was second one day and had lots of great rounds on her.
Kathrine Pennel and Tarina won the AA's one day and Mike Polk and St. Sebastian were Champion in the High Am. Modified Jumpers. They also did the AA JUmpers for the 1st time and were very good moving up.
Mike's wife Linda also moved up to the AA Jumper division and were R. Champion! Lady looks just terrific. Great team.
Apple was R. Champion in the Modified Hunters with Carol Wright and Marjorie did the Junior Hunters on her for the 1st time.
Our other hunter Dutch was very good in the Modifieds as well and was great with his owner Alex Strandberg. Katherine Civian rode her new horse Gaston in the Equitation Division and Medals. They were Champion in the Adult Equitation and had strong placings in all of the Medal Classes.
Kelly Taylor rode with our group for the 1st time and had a very constructive show and have made tons of headway.
Finally, Greg and his horse Camp VII were fantastic. This young jumper looks to be a very nice horse for Greg, he is careful brave and scopey.
Nice job everyone!

Thermal 2010...


Well we had a great first show for the year. Lesley Fildes showed both Branigan and Canberra, Chris Davis was great on the big field on Paladin, Jason Quilici rode his gelding Copenhagen in the Low Amaters and Katherine Civian showed her new equitation horse gaston in the medals and the USET.
The weather was quite good and we won lots of ribbons! It was a very good way to start the new year.


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